Hair Transplantation FAQ'S

Is it necessary to meet with the surgeon instead of a salesperson?

Absolutely! Only the surgeon who will actually perform the procedure can adequately assess you as a candidate and answer your questions completely. You will meet with Dr. Haber at your first visit, since your time is important. Centers that require an initial visit with a "salesperson" or "consultant" often use a rotating pool of out-of-town surgeons who may produce inconsistent surgical results.

What cosmetic results should I expect?

State-of-the-art hair restoration techniques should produce two results: a natural appearance and undetectability. Hair grafts should grow without visible evidence of surgery to the casual observer (See photo below left: illustration of a transplanted hairline.) Older techniques and certain major scalp procedures cannot produce these results. Also important are the donor scars; donor scars should be almost imperceptible. (See photo below right: donor scar illustration.) A properly designed hairline and transplant pattern will still look good several decades after surgery.

 Hairline Donor Scar
Hair Loss Resoration  Hair Transplant Donor Scar 

How many procedures have you performed?

Dr. Haber has performed well over 2000 procedures, and performs approximately 200 procedures each year. He is Board Certified in Dermatology and devotes a significant portion of his practice to hair restoration in order to maintain high quality results.

Can you repair work done in the past?

Yes. About 25% of our patients have had work done in the past. Many patients, like the one in the photo below, who have had work done elsewhere and are not happy with the result come to us to improve their appearance. We can often make dramatic changes in the visibility of the old "pluggy" look.

 Before After
 Hair Repair Before Photo Hair Repair After 

When can I go back to work?

We generally recommend taking a minimum of three days off work after surgery. For subsequent sessions, that time can be adjusted according to your experience. Some patients return to work the day after surgery.

Is the surgery painful?

We go to great lengths to minimize discomfort throughout the procedure. New local anesthetic techniques are used that work well, and our patients are awake and chatting with us during the entire procedure. Although we prescribe strong pain medicine for use at home, most patients find they do not use much at all.

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